Dear Art Collector and Admirer,

With fresh new eyes, enjoy this virtual gallery and feel welcome to inquire about Sylvia's – a.k.a. Sy's available paintings, prices, and commissions.

A Little Bio about the Artist

"There's a timeless energy stream that flows through me when I co-create, collaborate on many fronts, here being mostly with painting which replicates what's going on inside of me on a tangible level. By being the see-ers yourselves, may my art find a palpable place in your homes sweet homes as well." - Sylvia

Montreal-born Sylvia (Sy) Arkilanian is a true dreamer. She identifies her creative flow with the purest way of service to herself and others. And in this way, life becomes a magical tapestry of weaving, receiving, and giving to each other.

Initiated in Zen Buddhism in Okayama Japan, she was introduced to Ikebana (the art of flower arrangement), and furthermore, was given the Buddhist name EShin (Wisdom of the HeartMind) by Shodo Harada Roshi at Sogenji monastery. She now finds resonance with PZI (Pacific Zen Institute) and other communities which illuminate the light within their friendships.

In previous years, her studies in anthropology led her to also discover the art of photography through the travels she explored around the world. Her artistry has expanded and settled in painting on canvases and murals, mainly in acrylic.

She is expressing and discovering her signature style and freedom with visions and color palettes that bring forth her perceived inner I (eye).