Dear Art Collector and Admirer, 

With fresh new eyes, enjoy this virtual gallery and feel welcome to inquire about Sylvia's –  a.k.a. Sy's available artwork, prices, and commissions.

A Little Bio about the Artist

"There is a timeless flow of energy streaming through me. By being the see-ers yourselves, may my art find a palpable place in your homes sweet homes as well.

Il y a un flux d'énergie intemporelle qui coule à travers moi. En étant vous-mêmes les voyants, que mon art se sent accueillant dans vos foyers ainsi que vos coeurs aussi."

 - Sylvia

Montreal-born Sylvia Arkilanian is a true dreamer. She identifies her creative flow with the purest way of service to others and herself. And in this way, life becomes a colourful tapestry of weaving, receiving, and giving to each other.

Cultural Anthropology and East Asian Studies led her to endless discoveries. Through the travels journeyed and connections encountered, she holds a deep interest in Zen and continues to inhabit her Dharma in her artistry, mainly as a painter and a psychosocial worker.

A signature style and freedom with visions and color palettes that bring forth her perceived inner I (eye).